Jan. 24th, 2005

pywacket: (paws)
James has gone to the dentist once--check.
He's finishing up this week--check
I found a swimsuit that is 1)very sun protectant (I burn immediately and get rashes) 2) covers my tats so I don't scare the normals AND they don't fade (spf 50 baby) 3) is just wacky enough looking and just not wacky enough looking to keep everyone confused. Finally 4) covers enough of the oh boy I had a baby body.

That means that two big things are checked off the list. I really think I'll be able to take her to the pool this summer and I found James a hilarious geek dentist (I'm going to switch to her too). She gave him toys! Light up things that make your teeth change colors and a bouncy ball and an elmo toothbrush for the Bean. They talked about lasers and physics.

I clap my hands and rub them together...what's the next thing?!

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