Feb. 5th, 2005

pywacket: (agentsmith)
Anyone want to bet me that they threatened to pull PBS funding?

Grrrrrrrrrr. Now, somebody send me a copy of "Heather has two mommies, " quickly so I can add it to the Bean's reading rotation.

And please juxtapose this with the lovely heterosexual parents in Florida who tried to starve 5 of their 7 children to death while keeping them locked in a closet.
( http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/02/04/family.torture/ )

Oh PLEASE don't let the faggots have kids because what, they might LOVE them and CARE for them and RAISE them to be good people or something?


A twelve year old muslim girl can do what the leader of the United States can't do--take in new information and admit she was wrong. And his quote in this article is absolutely empty of any content or truth.

An excerpt from the article

"Yet even in a liberal state like Vermont, the children of same-sex marriage can feel ostracized. "At school, kids say that people say having two moms is stupid and I'm stupid because of it," said Emma's brother James, who is 11.

Farah Siddique also knows what it means to feel marginalized, and she is grateful to "Postcards From Buster" for helping her feel less so. Farah, 12, lives in a Chicago suburb with Pakistani and Filipino parents who are Muslim. In a telephone interview, she explained why she was happy to appear on "Postcards From Buster," wearing her hijab (a head covering) and studying the Koran.

"It was important to tell people about my religion and everything," she said. "Some people think we're bad because of 9/11 or something, and I'm telling them we are not bad, we're not trying to hurt anyone or do anything wrong."

Asked what she thought about PBS's decision not to distribute the "Buster" episode about the children with two mothers, she said: "We don't believe in that stuff. My opinion is that it is bad or wrong. My sister is 7, and she watches PBS Kids shows. I wouldn't want her to watch that kind of thing."

What if people said they wouldn't want to watch the episode about her because they don't like Muslims?

Without hesitation Farah replied: "Wow, I hadn't thought about it like that. Can I change what I said? If people were judging me because of my religion I would get really sad. Now I think maybe they should show it."

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