Feb. 7th, 2005


Feb. 7th, 2005 01:45 pm
pywacket: (cartoonbean)
they are a bit big

http://www.ossuary.org/~jyllian/homemovies/kittygame_2.MOV <--about 8 mb

http://www.ossuary.org/~jyllian/homemovies/kittygame_1.MOV <--about 11 mb

She started out playing with the mouse and saying "I'm a kitten, I'm playing with the mouse," And other very cute things. I wanted it on tape so there's a bit of prompting from me during the recording--but the game is of her own invention. As is "licky kitty," where she pretends to be the screen cleaning kitty ( http://www.clean-your-screen-for-free-now.com/ ) and then licks your face. Hey, we think it's cute and so far she isn't licking her schoolmates.

I have an incredibly cute version of "this is Halloween--with Em singing the first verse, but she's naked except for her cape and lady bug rain boots, so I'll have to burn it to a cd for friends or maybe password protect that one. I don't want any problems with the authorities and their prurient interests.

Excellent weekend, I hope everyone's was the same. Now, is it springtime yet or are we going to have more snow? It's almost 50 degrees outside, the mold has kicked up (dammit) and I"m confused. I thought February was still Winter around these parts.

Book Fair starts tomorrow, wish me luck. It's my first big deal volunteering (I've done some other smaller things, but this is a big deal, for me anyway :-) I head out tonight or tomorrow to set it up and put up the posters and get all the bits ready.

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