Feb. 9th, 2005

pywacket: (odd)
Hilarious: A local kid's website put up these locations as haunted. I'll try an edit later with the credit where credit is due citation. I'm going to go looking for these, maybe this weekend if the bean's latest ear infection (she may have inherited my ear problems poor biscuit) is better.

Oh, I'll probably be offline for a few days, new computer is supposed to arrive today (the kitty computer will be repurposed for the Bean, it just doesn't have enough power for the video editing I'm so into lately...with music and titles and voiceovers--the grandparents will plotz!).I looked at alienware, and while they are so sexy, I get more of what I need (I just don't play games anymore) from Dell for less.

Now, onto haunted Barrington:

15. Barrington - Cuba Road - White mysterious orb follows passing cars on the metal gate of the old cemetery.
16. Barrington - The haunted Silo - there is a haunted farm house with a silo. The legend is a man went crazy because he thought his wife was cheating on him, so he murdered her and his kids. He killed himself as well. There is also a five-point star located about 20 yards away from where he buried his family. The star has a dead tree at each point of the star. Apparently you can still hear noises and see something moving around in the house late at night. Even if it is 80 degrees outside you can feel a bitter uninviting chill. It is located in Barrington Illinois on shoe factory road.
17. Barrington - White Cemetery - Glowing orbs are seen from the road, and a phantom black car can be seen driving from the entrance of the cemetery then disappearing a few blocks down. Also, when pictures are taken of the cemetery the pictures do not develop or the camera is lost.
18. Barrington - Rainbow Road - abandoned farmhouse On Rainbow Road, there is an abandoned property way back in the woods. On one of the curves of Rainbow Road, you can see the gated up driveway that leads about a half a mile into the dark forest. It is said that a family was murdered here around Christmas time. If you explore the property enough, you will even find the guesthouse with an old fashioned fake Christmas Tree, along with plenty of old Christmas decorations around the main home. The pool house is rubble, but there is still a police line around some parts around the barn, where the family was reportedly killed in.
19. Barrington - Rainbow Road - Hitch hiking ghost Mary along the trees at night only when the moon is full, She is seen wearing a white robe. She has her thumb pointed outward just as any normal hitchhiker would. If you stop your car she will get into your car. When she approaches where she wants to get off at she will vanish out of your car with out a trace she was there. If you see this ghost or pick her up take special precaution. She has a very bad temper and is easily angered.

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