Mar. 9th, 2005

pywacket: (odd)
"how to get big testicles"

yes, that search leads to my domain.

I made shoofly pie.

I replaced all the buttons on my favorite velvet jacket with cathead buttons (thanks heather :-)
It looks really cool.

We got a $4500 check back from the damn dentist.

We are going to visit Fayetteville somewhere around Bean's birthday.

I helped with getting together about 20 homemade pillows to the rescue farm.

I'm in love with a very sweet but very sick kitty. He has IBS and is so skinny you can see his organs. But as soon as you let hime out to clean his cage (which he stays in a lot because, well he has uncontrollable pooing), he runs up to you and cuddles and headbutts and looks at you so kindly. I'm bringing a towel next time ime so he can sit in my lap longer (after he pooed on me I had to pack up and go, so this way I'll get more time with him). I petted him and cried because nobody should be so sick and so badly treated as he was. But I'll make up for whatever I can.

And Jola and Kurt are coming for Dinner on Saturday. Saturday is also "dad's morning" at the Bean's Montessori.

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