Mar. 21st, 2005

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I'm so angry at the hypocrisy of GW that I could scream. Why is it OK for a baby to die basically at the hands of a bill he signed (that allows doctors to stop treatment even if it is against the express wishes of the family because of MONEY!!!) but he'll sign a special order to keep poor, pathetic Terry Schiavo alive against her HUSBAND'S wishes. I thought Republicans were for less governement and state's rights? What the hell are they doing intervening in something the states have already decided? What the hell are they doing getting in the middle of a marriage?

What about the kids that don't have enough to eat? What about underfunded schools? What about health care for everyone? What about some more jobs? Why is so much money and time and effort going toward this situation? I'm just sickened for everyone concerned. This isn't the business of the federal government.

“Inappropriate treatment” was defined under the 1999 Texas law as ‘medical treatment for which the patient cannot pay’. Ok, I'm overstating the case--but if that, while not explicit, is implicit. Who can find another medical facility ready to take on a difficult, possibly hopeless case? Those with money or insurance. Who can't? medicaid patients. Or those with out insurance. Like the six month old that had his feeding tube removed this week. Why didn't they keep a fresh new life, full of possiblity alive instead of wishing for a reversal in a brain damaged 40 year old woman--who made herself sick?

Citations are the DailyKos and

And could somebody PLEASE please please find some balls and give them to a reporter and get him or her to expose Tom Delay for the grandstanding slimy unethical creep that he is.

GOD..I haven't been this angry about politics since Reagan.

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