May. 18th, 2005

pywacket: (paws)
That was SO much fun. I've wanted to go for 10 years but couldn't get any previous boyfriend to go with me.
James made Royalty reservations.

Yes, it really does resemble that section in cable guy. That is part of the charm.

"Steven: Can I get a knife or fork?
Wench: There were no
utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would
you like a refill on that Pepsi?
Steven: There were no utensils but
there was Pepsi?
Wench: Dude, I got a lot of tables.


(er, I only like that section, you know with the star trek music and the lirpa)

It was cheesy and goofy and fun, lots of fun.

It was tough to leave the Bean. We don't do it often, so it's a little weird. But it was very nice to spend the evening together, the two of us.

She was quite the easy child to babysit we were told. This was the first time we'd left her with a paying babysitter while she was awake. Usually we wait to go once she's in bed. She just gave us a kiss and hug and went on about her business playing with Miss Vogna. It was actually a little tough that she just looked at us for a bit (you could see the wheels turning) and then decided it was ok. I guess that means we've been successful in helping her become independant, but jeepers. She did get sad at bedtime, but Miss Vogna told her "Remember Mommy and Daddy are having fun and they will come home and hug and kiss you." And she sniffled a bit and then went right to sleep. At eight.

Scheduling = good thing. It's all habit now.

We liked the surly knight though we weren't seated in his section. I wonder how many of them are rennies? I was as goofy as an eight year old (something I like about myself that luckily James appreciates, when I have fun, I have great giggly, silly fun like a kid, I love that that part is still accessible).

Hmmm. Now, I am plotting to take the Bean once we are sure she can sit through it.

And we have commemorative glasses. I've decided I'm big on the commemorative glassware.

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