May. 19th, 2005

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I'm a posting fool today.

Ok I've decided for real and for sure we need a family domain. I was just getting ready to write a school in Fayetteville and thought how I didn't want them to have all our information right away but wanted to showcase a bit of oddity/creativity etc. With that in mind, I need some suggestions, so put your brains into gear.

Can have something to do with cats, or with our last name(Martini) with geekiness or star trek and of course the Bean (keep in mind we may have future progeny though).

So suggestions for a domain name?
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Um cooking organic chicken sausages, which WERE NOT even burning, set off our fire alarm.
Piercing squeals like the tortures of the damned. Scared the living crap out of everyone. Except the Bean, who thought it was great fun. As she did the enormous thunderstorm that rolled through earlier.

Of course we input the code AND tried to call the company, but nooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO the fire department came out anyway. And interrupted another couples' evening with images of burning houses and screaming people and cats. GAaaa.

(um I know I'm not in SF anymore, but I could swear the fire er person, woman, um worker, was a dyke. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking, I can't tell in the midwest, short haircuts just mean the woman are well, not into being girlie. I've mistaken a number of married women for dykes, like our petsitter. Again wishful thinking).

Now the call didn't get through the (security oh please) system before, when the farking GRASS was on fire from a blown transformer, but they can when a sausage is making a smell. I HATE ADT.

But, the fire person (scuse me but what IS the pc term here?)was really nice and gave us a quick rundown of what we can do to make the house safer. The Bean jumped up and down and ran in circles like a terrier on meth. I'm drinking a beer or two to calm down and smoking from that pack of cigarettes that's nearly a year old.

And um...[ profile] thingiesent me this incredibly wonderful animated icon (I love willy wonka with a passion unknown to most who live in the flesh and Johnny Depp is a throbbing favorite)
which made me buy more userpic spaces. So, now I need
1)help with a freeware program that will create animated gifs (sorry I can't afford adobe)
2) more userpics. I have some Bean and cat ones I'll be working on for sure.

JEEBUS. I need another beer.

[ profile] oakangel we should have our coffee or beer soonly and make a pit stop for my yearly cigarette stash. I think I might need them

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