Jun. 28th, 2005

pywacket: (catlady)
what a huge day.
The broker open house was today. And some buyers stopped in to see the place as well. from 9-2.
We've been working like mad the last couple of days. Touch up painting, deep cleaning. James is re doing the back porch. if we don't end up selling this summer/fall our place will be even more fabulous to live in this year.

I spent Em's summer camp time (9-12) in the LIBRARY. Luxuriating in (mostly) quiet and lots of book. God that smell. I love to stand in the middle of a bunch of shelves and just close my eyes and inhale. I feel like I'm taking in particles of wisdom as I do.
So much to read. In fact I read a throwaway book in my time there and checked out five others.

After summer camp, Em and I went to


In all caps because that is how she says it.

We swam and splashed and built sand castles and got a bit sunburned. We had a picnic too. It was supurb, even if I misread the shower signs and got us dressed in the men's bathroom. Ahem.

Just was concentrating on her and not where I was going again. I think I'm liable to do a lot of assheaded things as her mom, but I find I care a lot less than I used to.

Could somebody tell me when 17 year old boys and girls started looking like THAT? There was a bit too much Abercrombie and Fitchness going on. I felt a little like a dirty old woman. The lizard part of my brain went "oo" the rest of it went "GOOD GOD NO!"
Unsettling. And really they should pull their trunks up a bit, there were pubes.

But damn if they weren't polite and nice--all the teenagers were. And sweet with Emily. Even played with her a bit. It's really cool.

I was the whitest, fish belly white person there. Em is prety pale too. You can see the irish in us for sure and true.

That child is fearless, she wanted to swim right away and told me to teach her. She was trying valiantly too. While other kids her age clutched at their mom's legs, she stomped right in and squealed. My fierce fishy girl.

It was not easy to get her to leave however. One of her (now few thank god) tantrums. Now I can talk to her though so they don't last as long. She can communicate what she's feeling too so she doesn't melt down like she used to.

Then we took a nap and watched part of Dr. Doolittle. Her train plays that song and I realized I hadn't seen it since I was a kid. That's a weird movie, not at all like I remember. I had him talking to a lot more cats than he did.
And less with the smoochy stuff, just talking cats mainly. And Anthony Newley scared me, he still kind of does.

James was playing with Em at one point and made snacking noises about the top of her head. Emily squealed "NO don't eat my brains!" A teenage boy almost fell over.

James took her to the park after work and then she told him he needed a bath. So he put on his swimming trunks and they took a bath.

Tonite as she was having her before bed snuggle in my lap, she said "I had a big fabulous day. It was fabulous mommy." Heh.

yeah it was. Sometimes it hits me how wonderful it is to be a part of this family.

I'm now going to watch the rest of Dr. Doolittle, maybe have a beer and read a lot.

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