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I've found the photo albums, I'm in danger of making everyone pay attention to me (ok, I could use a little of that)

1983--High School, senior year. Note small who button on dress--I got in a lot of trouble for that. I was in the select girl's performing group the 'choralettes' ( or whoralettes I liked to say). Note GIANT badly colored hair and white hose and shoes.
Yes, pumps. bleargh. They chose some of our clothes for us and I was the one they were specific about.

1994--master's graduation with my sister in San Francisco
(at my lightest, about 105lbs--I WILL NEVER be that skinny again dammit) And I think I need big hair again. Yep, I'll keep the layers but I need more hair)

WHY didn't I know how cute I was then? Everytime I say that looking at pictures, James says--Um, you will say the same thing about now in 10 years. Somehow I doubt it.
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