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So last night was one of the summer's 'campfires" and picnics at the Bean's montessori. It was really great. We had loads of fun and talked to her teachers--the older kid's teachers seem to understand her a bit better than the toddler teachers did. And we met the director, Desmond Perry, who is Irish (yay) and was quite grandfatherly. The Bean romped until she was falling over. At one point, she walked into the meeting room, where the parents were getting briefed on summer camp responsibilites etc (the kids have access to all areas except the living area) threw her hands up in the air and stated "Oh, it's a campfire, it's a picnic, it's a special day c'mon people let's go!" which cracked up the entire room.

And as we were wandering around...oh lo and behold I noticed a mom wearing *gasp* a pentacle! So I manoevered the Bean over to where she and her husband were and mentioned liking her necklace. They liked our Halloween picnic blanket and James' Bone Daddy tshirt.


guess what--tech geek, star trek loving wiccans. YEP out here. And we had the BEST talk--about being weird in public or not about toning it up and down and buffy and angel and conventions and computers.

and may I say WHEEEEEEEEEE!

So I don't suck at meeting people, just in certain er, 'fabulous' situations, not in real life situations though. Or talking to people. I don't suck that much either when I'm not making myself self conscious. I kept snapping myself out of second guessing my level of eye contact and interruptions and just went with it and it was just neat.

The whole thing was damn grand from beginning to end.

And I think the universe has quite a sense of humour. So we decide that yes, moving would be the thing, get the house ready, get it listed, start the process of separating a little and BOOM--more nice people, who can introduce us to even MORE nice people.
She told us about a reclaiming group in Wauconda. Yow.

I use lots of sound words when I'm pleased. Hee.

Date: 2005-07-01 02:53 pm (UTC)
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Hey, Jeff has a Bone Daddy t shirt too!

It's it nice to meet like-minded people!

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