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I'm not sure if anyone is interested (my stuff just isn't as good as [ profile] jola's but I'm feeling a hankering for some more kitty skirts (yes I'm back to wearing skirts a lot of the time again, YAY--if the playground dad's see my underpants I just don't care anymore, I'm sure they aren't going to have a lust attack and fall over or anything.

ANYway, here is the directory

Let me know if you are interested in something--everything there except the JJill top is going cheap.

Thanks for looking :-)

Hey--there is also this stuff--but you'd probably want to be local
All prices are negotiable
Table is 48 by 23. Needs a little polishing. Spots on
pictures are packing peanuts. Paid $100 about 5 years
ago, asking $25 obo

Kitchen hutch
It's in storage, it's been used about a year. It isn't
perfect, but it's great. Could use a little cleaning.
$110 OBO. I will negotiate.

It's in a storage facility, so we'll need to meet you
there and would need to arrange a specific meeting

This is the link to the exact one

If the link doesn't work, go to target and search on

$20 or best offer

Renaissance porcelain doll
Graco six speed open top swing

Used for one baby only for a few months, has been in
storage for a bit. Could use a washing probably.

Just like this one

$30 -$35


Bathroom cabinet
From the vintage romance collection at target
paid $50, never used.

$35 or best offer.

18 wide about 20 tall and about 5 inches deep.
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