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a few reasons I am now generally a happy person. The Bean chose this outfit herself. She decided it was "now dancing time."

Went to the swimming pool at Langendorf park. It was great fun. The first time I do anything I'm scared. It is my nature and always has been. But since I know this I can remind myself of that fact and just plow on ahead. I have also discovered I can say "excuse me, but this is our first time doing X, how do we go about this," and smile and I get lots of help. This is how I've managed to do a number of things throughout my life I was told I couldn't do (like drive at all or pass any college math) or was scared to do (I hate new situations with strangers, but there's a lot of that in life--you should have seen my first visit to a....oops, that's rated X). Hee.

Em really REALLY loves the water and the water slide though not the "naughty polar bear he spit on you."
ahem. It's a serious amount of joy doing these things with her.

I do not like my bathing suit. I've lost some weight in some areas so the shirt is baggier than I like (yes, shirt--It's an australian rash suit, I burn like a mofo and have been getting bad rashes for the last few years when I get out in the sun, I'm a delicate damn flower, what can I say.)but my thighs are still from the planet of the big thighed people and may always be. This I do not like. I've also managed to post a number of outgrown bean items on ebay and some clothes that are too big for me or that I'm just not likely t wear. Hopefully this will put me a bit closer to a new laptop or kitty skirts.

Have a look if you are so inclined. I haven't listed the cordelia april cornell dress or JJill top yet pending interest (from the last post). Ebay hasn't put them all up yet, but they'll be there soon.
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