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Birthdate:Sep 22
Location:Eugene, Oregon, United States of America
Website:Pywacket's Asylum
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Days until Bush leaves office.

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aloha, andrew vachss, angel, anita blake, arkansas, batty's ass, bill clinton, bisexuality, blixa bargeld, bluegrass, books, buckaroo banzai, buffy, butch/femme, carson mccullers, catholicism, cats, celtic music, cemetaries, charlotte perkins gilman, chicago, christopher walken, coffee, computers, corsets, debate, decoupage, drag queens, eddie izzard, edith piaf, edward gorey, elvis costello, eudora welty, fayetteville, fayetteville ar, feline diabetes, feminism, flannery o'connor, folies bergere, garrison keillor, gary oldman, gay rights, halloween, historical re-enactment, ireland, irish, irish culture, irish dancing, irish gaelic, irish music, irish poetry, irish writing, johnny depp, jola's hair, kraftwerk, kurt weill, latin, lenore, libraries, lilo & stitch, linux, literary criticism, mandrake, marianne faithfull, mark twain, maxfield parrish, medieval, medieval literature, michael flatley, monty python, moog synthesizer, mr. shouty, music, network engineering, new wave, new wave music, nick cave, nightmare before christmas, oingo boingo, peter o'toole, piercing, poetry, pre-raphaelites, pregnancy, pro-choice, professor snape, public speaking, reading, red hair, renaissance faire, renaissance faires, riverdance, rockabilly, san francisco, sarcasm, sca, sci-fi, science fiction,, small boobs, southern fiction, stan ridgway, star trek, step dancing, steve burns, stripey tights, sttng, survival research laboratories, swing dancing, swing music, tanith lee, tattoos, tear garden, teilhard de chardin, terry pratchett, the 80s, the cure, the jam, the pixies, the wiggles, throwing muses, tim burton, tom robbins, tom waits, umberto eco, unnatural hair colors, victrolas, voracious reading, weird hair, wendy carlos, william gibson, william shatner
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