Feb. 14th, 2005

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I am listing a bunch of stuff on ebay--bean clothes but also some of my club gear.

I have my first leather corset up for sale (awww) can't believe I was ever that small. But I will be smaller than I am now. but just shooting for healthy, not anorexic like I was then. (I was a bit over 100 lbs, James said I looked like skeletor).

Never mind...what I'm wondering is:
I haven't been on alt gothic fashion in a million years, is it still permissible to use agf in the title if I haven't?
Also I have some fabulous boots for sale (8 -8.5) one is a big pair of demonia swat boots I wore about three times. They just aren't me. How would you title these to get them noticed?
Any my shiny patent pointy victorian boots--from ad hoc london (who are no more online and made the BEST shoes)...how would you title those?

Thank YOU!

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