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Of my giant dorkiness.

Me in 1979 Um, I was 14.

I'm so deeply serious it cracks me up.
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Hey ya'll has matt taken off for Davis yet? I have a laptop he might want to see if he can fix.
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those poor people.They still can't believe the truth when it's irrefutable.,1280,-5076717,00.html

Terry Schiavo had no hope of recovery.

Shame on the Bushes, shame on the religious right. This one really infuriates me.
We let our kitties and dogs go when it is time, why can't we afford people the same care and kindness?
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Happy Birthday [ profile] mimazu! I'm so happy to have met you and look forward to more :-)

for [ profile] thingie

Jun. 9th, 2005 02:11 pm
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The ballad of bilbo baggins by Leonard Nimoy
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and on an unrelated to the above note.
I don't get to eat parmesan cheese anymore either. damn. Free glutamate is also a problem now. What the fuck is next tomatoes?
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Zak hissed and spit at a cat mug we used to have. Attacked it and broke it into several pieces. Declared victory whilst meowing "you perish in flame."

Mr. Teatime growled at Oranges. Slapped them in his adorably queeny way.

Bartleby? Well he's afraid of and attacks the remot control. If you move it slightly while he's staring at it, he shoots straight up in the air,spitting, with hair on end.

Miss Ninny--well she's the empress and is afraid of nothing. Though she will attack you if you have cheetos.

(on a side note, I got MORE msg in restaurant food--not even Chinese on Friday. It was only a little, but enough to kick my ass all Saturday. I'm really really tired of this. I will have to cook everything for the next several months until I'm less sensitive)

And a big thank you to [ profile] oakangel who helped me (and James) talk through this whole moving to Arkansas thing. You went above and beyond dearheart and I'm really grateful.
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happy birthday [ profile] jola :-) You are constantly surprising.
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one more test

just testin

Jun. 2nd, 2005 11:39 pm
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new icons. There will be more
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I'm so excited that A day out with Thomas is coming to the Illinois railway museum in August. James is buying tickets now.

Hopefully she won't be over her obsession with those weird British trains by then (she knows them all by name and the whole song now).

It strikes me as funny how excited and happy I am that she's going to get to see this. You realize the wee ones have taken over (in a good way) when it's better to do something like this than say, get tickets to Nick Cave (sorry Nick, I've seen you so many times, and while you are sex in a black suit, the Bean's going to explode with delight and that's something I can never see enough).

Hee. I swear, I'm actually bouncing I'm so happy about this.
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Hey, Illinois folks!

I got this from my HRC email:

Kraft Foods, makers of popular products like Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft Singles, Oreo cookies, Maxwell House coffee, and Ritz Crackers is a sponsor of the 2006 Gay Olympic Games in Chicago.

Anti-gay conservative groups are attempting to pressure Kraft to withdraw their sponsorship, but we want to make sure Kraft gets a big "THANK YOU" for promoting awareness and standing up for equality.

Please take a few minutes and call the toll-free number below and thank them for their sponsorship of the 2006 Gay Games.

Their toll-free number is 1-800-323-0768

Additional contact information:
Kraft Foods
CEO Roger K. Deromedi
3 Lakes Dr.
Northfield, IL 60093
Phone: 847-646-2000
Fax: 847-646-6005

Online contact form -
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I was getting the Bean some new PJs since she's shot up, oh another 4 feet from last year or something.

Pretty purple pair, but it says "The princess waited in the enchanted forest for her prince to come."

And I thought, "screw that, oh no she won't, she'll move to San Francisco or New York and go to college."

Needless to say I didn't buy the pjs.

Why do we start giving girls these messages so early? Why do we put these ideas in their heads EVER.
That's just deeply wrong.


May. 24th, 2005 07:45 am
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So it's WAY bigger than when I lived there (though town center is stil the same and the built up areas seem to be further out from town and include more than used to be considered Fayetteville--so it still feels like a small town, hmm wonder just how far and when (students in school increase population) they are counting pop. BUT...)

Fayetteville is one of Forbes' best places to start a job or career with smart workers and low cost of living.

We have a F'ville real estate agent--Eric's dad. And we should have one in Barrington this week. We begin/continue the big cleanup.

Yow. The neighbor's house sold in a week. But who knows. I won't get my hopes up too high.


May. 22nd, 2005 10:00 am
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Better today. Took benydryl every 2 hours yesterday on top of allegra.

A lot of things make sense now. My extremely lagging energy. The feeling just weird. The increased migraines. The way I felt sick most Saturdays.

cut for gross factor )
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I forget that not everyone knows about this thing I have since I haven't had a hard time with it since I left Personic. It was first diagnosed when I worked there because I was constantly exposed to new carpeting, solvents, glues, paints and other industrial chemicals. Then I went to work in an office that was right above an upholsters shop and had new carpet and paint and I was setting up the network there so was constantly exposed to the building materials. I was really sick for a few years.
I've since learned to not use too many cleaning chemicals, be around paint, let vinyl and carpet air out for up to a month before it comes in the house--things like that. I've also heard this called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity--my docs in SF seemed to use these interchangeably.

So, the thing is we've had pizza night on Fridays for the last few months. And Bean is allergic to basil (as best we can tell) so we can't eat pizzaria pizza, so horror, we've been eating pizza hut pizza. I hadn't had that in 20 years until a few months ago. The last few weeks I've been feeling weird on Saturdays and started getting the telltale rash, and becoming really sensitive to all my usual allergans (cats, nutmeg, and suddenly silver ). We couldn't figure it out. Then Thursday, when the fire alarm went off, my adrenalin hit the roof (stress/adrenaline is also a causal factor) and as it does with me, stayed there for hours. So last night we had pizza. And this morning I'm really sick and covered in a rash. Even my eyeballs itch. And I've got all the rest of the symptoms. So I looked up the ingrediants and
PRESTO--PH pizza --well some things contain MSG and the rest of the stuff they make comes in contact with MSG if it isn't actually made with it. Usually when I get a dose of it, say on Chinese food, I end up in the emergency room in anaphylaxis (as matt and James can testify). But this was low enough that it had to build up in my system until a nice shot of Fear sent my body into the reaction.
Oh joy. So I have to double dose antihistimines and hope it calms the hell down or I'm going to the hospital .

If you are interested here's a good explanation:
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Adrenaline spike+hidden msg=mastocytosis flare. Big time.


May. 20th, 2005 06:32 pm
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Hey, my provider has a massive backlog of email due to the sober virus, some recent ones are getting through but some from a few days ago are coming through now as well.
So if I owe you an email, it's likely I haven't gotten it yet!
Please feel free to resend or hopefully they will dribble in.
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Um cooking organic chicken sausages, which WERE NOT even burning, set off our fire alarm.
Piercing squeals like the tortures of the damned. Scared the living crap out of everyone. Except the Bean, who thought it was great fun. As she did the enormous thunderstorm that rolled through earlier.

Of course we input the code AND tried to call the company, but nooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO the fire department came out anyway. And interrupted another couples' evening with images of burning houses and screaming people and cats. GAaaa.

(um I know I'm not in SF anymore, but I could swear the fire er person, woman, um worker, was a dyke. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking, I can't tell in the midwest, short haircuts just mean the woman are well, not into being girlie. I've mistaken a number of married women for dykes, like our petsitter. Again wishful thinking).

Now the call didn't get through the (security oh please) system before, when the farking GRASS was on fire from a blown transformer, but they can when a sausage is making a smell. I HATE ADT.

But, the fire person (scuse me but what IS the pc term here?)was really nice and gave us a quick rundown of what we can do to make the house safer. The Bean jumped up and down and ran in circles like a terrier on meth. I'm drinking a beer or two to calm down and smoking from that pack of cigarettes that's nearly a year old.

And um...[ profile] thingiesent me this incredibly wonderful animated icon (I love willy wonka with a passion unknown to most who live in the flesh and Johnny Depp is a throbbing favorite)
which made me buy more userpic spaces. So, now I need
1)help with a freeware program that will create animated gifs (sorry I can't afford adobe)
2) more userpics. I have some Bean and cat ones I'll be working on for sure.

JEEBUS. I need another beer.

[ profile] oakangel we should have our coffee or beer soonly and make a pit stop for my yearly cigarette stash. I think I might need them
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I'm a posting fool today.

Ok I've decided for real and for sure we need a family domain. I was just getting ready to write a school in Fayetteville and thought how I didn't want them to have all our information right away but wanted to showcase a bit of oddity/creativity etc. With that in mind, I need some suggestions, so put your brains into gear.

Can have something to do with cats, or with our last name(Martini) with geekiness or star trek and of course the Bean (keep in mind we may have future progeny though).

So suggestions for a domain name?
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